Thursday, December 17, 2009

Your 12/17 deacon pick of the wick

*the beer deacon's pick of the week can be a new brewery, beer, bar, or any saint-blessed thing he wants it to be, so long as it pertains to beer culture in the city. Look for his pick on thursdays, what college kids call "thirsty thursdays," or to cite from the brew hop bible, "and on the fourth day the disciples drinketh...early and often."

This isn't technically a "weekend" pick, unless you consider between now and New Years one long extended holiday which I do. Next Tuesday, 12/22, Bar Great Harry is leading a Six Point Brewery tour and after party, taking a lucky 25 of first RSVPs for an exclusive tour of the guerrilla indy brooklyn brewer located in the heart of Red Hook:

BGH and Sixpoint are teaming up for a special holiday event. The evening starts with everyone who signs up meeting at BGH at 6PM. We will take vans down to the Sixpoint Brewery. There we will hang with the Sixpoint folks, get a little tour, and drink fresh Sixpoint beer right from the tanks!

At this point the plan gets a little weird. If it is snowing, we are going to get to-go cups from Sixpoint and walk up to BGH. Sounds like fun in the snow, no? However, if it is not snowing, or if it turns silly cold, then we will just get vans back. At BGH we will have a few cool Sixpoint beers on draft. And they will be cheap.

You can RSVP after the jump. I've already RSVPd with a friend and fellow Six Point fan, and having been to their keg night at BGH i can personally vouch for the quality of their extremely fresh, extremely local brews. They offer a slate of A range graded beers on BA, including their popular Bengali Tiger IPA, Belgian IPA, Abigale Belgian, Brownstoner (my personal favorite), Grand Crue (a mega strong Belgian dark ale) and the amazingly unique Sixpoint Gorilla Warfare Coffee Porter, which is brewed with extremely expensive fresh microroasted coffee grains from Gorilla coffee (the only microroastery in NYC). If you find that baby on tap, you win.

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  1. Leaving in 10 minutes! Pictures to follow (assuming my battery doesn't die).