Monday, December 7, 2009

A (sort of) new holiday: Yuleday

Dear friends of mine are having their annual holiday party this weekend and got me thinking that the run of the mill generic "Holiday Party" is a fantastic event with a void of character and charm. In the spirit of making their party more meaningful, I've asked if we can begin a new tradition celebrating a long lost holiday. I present to you Yuleday, my proposed purpose of Hagel and Merkelson's Holiday Party.

My goal is to establish Yuleday as an annual "paganesque" festival aligning with the Christmas and Hanukkah season. The celebration is to be focused not on the miracles of life and light, but on the miracles Beer and Friendship.

Practitioners will include those looking for a celebration more lighthearted than religion provides and whom enjoy the company of friends, family and beer.

It shall be celebrated for one and one-half days each December starting at Sunset on the Friday evening prior to the second Saturday in December. The celebration shall continue until Sunrise the following Sunday. The first annual Yuleday celebration will start at sunset Friday, December 11th and continue through Sunrise on Sunday, December 13th.

There are no guidelines or set traditions other than revelers spend as much time as possible with friends, family and beer during the day and half long holiday. Friends are encouraged to create their own traditions and to share the holiday with others, especially people tired of having just another "holiday party."

Eric and Matt, I ask, can you begin the tradition of Yuleday?

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  1. You are Welcome to begin your drinking season at our place