Friday, December 4, 2009

Addendum, etc.

Further to that same blog post that I didn't read all the way through...

Some more fun news.... Justin and Tricia at Beer Table have been throwing around the idea of a South Brooklyn Homebrew club for a little while. A lot of you have been asking us if it could ever happen... and it looks like it will. The first Homebrew Workshop will be at Beer Table, Monday December 28th at 9pm (free), and this will likely be a monthly occurrence, with a professional on hand to answer questions. So grab your homebrew and we will see you there. Beer Table is also taking requests if anyone is looking for bottles, you can pick them up at the meeting (the bottles are awesome by the way), so shoot them an Email if your interested.

Beer Table is the class of the class (and it doesn't come cheap) when it comes to elite tap and cask ale. If I'm not skiing on 12/28 I may go to this...

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