Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Heronimous Homebrew

was actually my God given name, as a child. Beer Deacon comes off the tongue much easier, don't you agree? Anyhoo I brewed a beer yesterday. I call it "Anola's gingernut ale" after my grandmother, because the spices used were ripped from my grandma's famous norwegian christmas cookie recipe. yes, famous, they're known throughout the Blue Earth MN nursing home community. It's a dark brown ale lightened with honey and spiced with ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and dried orange peal. I also used whole hops (vs. pellets) for the first time and they are naaaaasty. They actually smell very nice when balanced with so much malt, but naaaaasty to clean-up. Yuck, that's a lot of wet flowers.

But enough about me. Today is the "official" opening of the first homebrew shop in New York City!! Ave Maria, it's about time. For the last few months Brooklyn Homebrew has been operating out of Danielle and Benjamin's apt in South Brooklyn, and after quickly building a reliable customer base (we're a creative and thirsty city, after all) they're ready to open a permanent storefront. The store opens at 12 PM today, at 163 8th St. in Gowanus (just east of 3rd Ave) conveniently located near the R/M/F/G stop at 4th and 9th. Which if you're keeping track (and I am) is only two subway stops past my apt...

Buy today and you get 5% off all purchases of $10 or more (hey that's not bad...they ain't exactly Sam's Club!) and the first 50 buyers geta free gift bag thrown in for good measure. Sharpen up those recipes, beer cooks...

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