Saturday, November 7, 2009

What Your Taste in Beer Says About You - Ad Age

Mind Set marketing recently conducted an online survey to find out what someone's beer selection says about them. The results were not overwhelmingly surprising, but the highlights are entertaining. (Check out Ad Age for the full article)

Abstainers as republicans is my favorite. What's your's?


42% more likely to use breath-freshening strips every day.


34% more likely to never buy organic products.


34% more likely to buy life insurance.


29% more likely to drive sports cars.


38% more likely to own three or more flat-screen TVs.


65% more likely to purchase five pairs or more of sneakers every year


This group is more likely to spend time thinking about beer rather than work.

Craft-beer drinkers also skew as having a lower sense of responsibility—they don't stress about missed deadlines and tend to be happy-go-lucky about life.

36% more likely to be the ones to choose the movie they are going to see at the theater.


People who turn down beer are 50% more likely to call themselves Republican

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  1. awesome a puritan, i love putting beer in the middle of the culture wars. This is my favorite line of the article:

    "Michelob Ultra drinkers rate high in superiority; that is, they think highly of themselves and can be a little bit conceited. "

    nooooooo...drinkers of crappy, lo-cal alcoholic water who see themselves in the young hot single execs who are always racing each other through the big corporate office? im surprised this isn't a more popular beirut choice at bars like Big Easy