Friday, October 16, 2009

deacon's funtime pick of the week

I'm obviously not a good enough person to make the 7 hour trek cross state to The Southern Tier/St. Susan OktoBENEfest, so for selfish reasons I'm doubling up on this week's pick: Brooklyn Bowl, the (somewhat) new bowling in Williamsberg that aims to compete with the always jampacked Gutter, where the deacon will watch righteous jersey rock band Gaslight Anthem tonight. Apart from being a bowling alley and rock venue, Brooklyn Bowl's restaurant is a venture from the ridiculously tasty Blue Ribbon, and like any self-respecting hipster venue their beer list is hardcore local: three Sixpoint taps (Sweet Action, Righteous Rye, Bengali Tiger IPA), five Brooklyn taps (Lager, Pennant Pale Ale, Weisse, Oktoberfest, and and the recently debuted and totally punkrock awesome DIPA Brooklyn Blast), and two Kelso taps (Nut Brown Lager, Pilsner). I also appreciate the small touch on the menu in describing their localness:

Six Point: "just down the way in Red Hook"

Brooklyn: "right through the wall on n. 11th"

Kelso: "a stones throw away in Clinton Hill"

Totally subjective points for not having Sixpoint's fabulous Brownstoner on tap. Ave maria, mate, it's fall, why's no one carrying this brew anymore!? Hopefully it'll be back in the winter...

Anyhow, I've been delinquent in throwing on my skinny jeans and pretending to like PBR for too many months now, I'm psyched to get back to Billyberg for a cool show and some fresh local brews.

Finally, weather alert: the last (and largest) free ride of the NYC cycling season, Transporation Alternatives "Tour de Bronx" on Sunday, is still open to registration...though is calling for rain and a high of 47. Hmm. That should help me shake my hangover?

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