Monday, September 21, 2009

Making history

Well it was a historic week for the deacon and co. 2009 NYC Craft Beer Week came and went, and apart from just how passive the liver can get (seriously, man, a heads-up when i hit beer #40something for the week, I can't keep track of this) I'd like to think we learned a few things about life and love. Like for example, I love milk stouts. And I couldn't live life without black wheats.

Some other lessons of Beer Week?

-Check the corrections page before blithely barhopping in new neighborhoods (might've saved a trip to the as-yet-unopened Amity Hall and Mission Dolores)

-Next year I'm DEFINITELY doing the Bike Brooklyn Beer Blitz. Downing craft with the dead? Yes please. Only, I'd be bad at showing respect. I don't like to waste good beer.

-Ginger Man not only carries a historic literary reputation but also staffs cute bartenders who know their beer. A hat tip to the nice bar gal who explained to the deacon why bud light off tap always tastes like shite (no, seriously) in a good beer bar.

-And some other things. Holy hellfire that was a long week. The negative is that my memory is so hopcurdled that all the bars/beers sampled are washing together in one sudsy mess. But all in all, a beautiful example of why this city is the #1 beer drinker's paradise, and a nice foundation of neighborhood stops to (re)checkout to get us started here. Lets get drinkin'! (after, you know, sleeping off this one-week hangover...)

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